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Get a Customisable Floating Dock or Boat Float in Newcastle Today

For marina owners and those working in dock management, finding efficient solutions to your customer’s docking needs is of the utmost importance. Here in Newcastle, a floating dock can save you and your clients time and money, relieving much of the stress of maintenance on your boats and other watercraft. Or, if your business requires creative dock solutions, whether you need a waterfront helipad or commercial jetty, a floating dock in Newcastle is the way to go.

At Marinescapes, we work in floating dock needs of all sorts, whether you need a floating helipad, jet ski dock, or boat float in Newcastle, we can be there for you. Open since 2004 as Custom Floats, and operating under Marinescapes since 2017, we provide unique floating dock solutions for a variety of client needs and services. We customise our docks to you, so no matter what your docking needs are we can certainly help.

Why Choose a Floating Dock in Newcastle?

There’s a range of reasons and motivations for investing in a floating dock or boat float in Newcastle. From relieving maintenance work to keeping your vehicles and watercrafts safe, our floats help those working in a marina setting for a multitude of purposes. Here are just a few ways a floating dock in Newcastle can help you.

Simple, Easy Maintenance: For boat owners in Newcastle, a floating dock will relieve much of the work you put in scraping barnacles and algae or using antifoul chemicals. By elevating your watercraft, these bacteria won’t form to the bottom of your vessel, and you will save time and money on the maintenance of your hull. This way, you will have one less thing to worry about and be able to get back to the water faster.

Keep Vehicles Safe: For owners of vehicles like jet skis, pontoons, or helicopters that rely on docking in the water, you want to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. With a customised floating dock, your craft will stay safely and securely out of the water, away from algae and bacteria, so that you can use them faster when needed.

Work Easier: If you work in aquaculture or a marina, our docks help you work easier. Getting you access to where you need to be all while keeping you secure, you avoid much of the hassle of more conventional dock choices. We customise our docks to your job, and always keep efficiency in mind.

Contact Us For Your Customised Dock Today

For those working on the water in Newcastle, a floating dock will make a huge difference in your life. Whether you are docking jet skis or need a boat float in Newcastle, we offer solutions to make your life a whole lot easier. Get in touch today, or give us a ring with any questions you may have, and we will be sure to sort you out.

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The Benefits of Dry Docks, Jet Ski Docks and Floating Pontoons for Gold Coast Watersport

When you dock a motorboat, jet ski or pontoon in a traditional marina, algae, barnacles, or other sea debris have a nasty way of building up on your watercraft’s hull. Barnacles and algae are especially attracted to the smooth surface of your craft, attaching themselves and multiplying quickly while your boat is not in use. These bacteria can slow you down, or cause major issues over time, and need to be routinely cleared. Yet antifouling and scraping your hull can be annoying and unpleasant, and you are probably wondering if there is a better way to prevent this debris. Luckily, at Marinescapes, we have custom developed options for boat floats or a floating pontoon here in Gold Coast for the docking of your boat which prevent these substances from building up. Our dry dock in your Gold Coast marina save you the hassle of antifouling and keep your vessel at its best.

How Does a Boat Float in Gold Coast Work?

For boaties in Australia, the prospect of not having to antifoul again is very tempting, but how exactly does a boat float in Gold Coast work? The concept is rather straightforward and makes the maintenance and service of your boat easier than ever before! Our designers have specially built our floats for your docking purposes, and the difference they make is unique.

The logistics of our boat or jet ski docks for those in Gold Coast are fairly simple. Using inflatable, DryBerth technology, our docks lift your boat so that it is safely out of the water, while the hull and motor are still protected as the material is gentle on your boat’s surface. Keeping your boat out of lake or sea water prevents algae or bacteria from forming, keeping it clean and safe. Using polyethylene, the docks themselves won’t be affected by algae or barnacles, making them basically maintenance free.

Getting your boat on to the dock itself is also an uncomplicated process. We make operating our floats easy and efficient, so you won’t have to be messing about trying to get your boat up on the float. Our floats and docks withstand punctures and are very durable, so even the roughest of substances won’t affect them. Safe from UV rays and secure near a jetty, the choosing a dock or floating pontoon in Gold Coast will last a very long time.

Quit Antifouling by Contacting Us Today

If you are sick of antifouling your boat and cleaning off barnacles then get in touch today. Operating since 2004 as Custom Floats, and operating as Marinescapes since 2017, we are the choice for boat lovers here in Gold Coast. Boat maintenance gets in the way of you enjoying what you love the most, and above all, we seek to get you back out enjoying your watercraft.

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Avoid Anti Fouling Your Boat With our Quality Custom Floats in Brisbane – Choose a Floating Pontoon, Dock and Several Kinds of Platforms at Marinescapes

Anti-fouling can be a significant downside to having a boat despite the many benefits it provides. You continuously have to repaint and coat just to keep the pests at bay. This is a costly and painstaking task that might not deliver the satisfaction or investment you want.

However, not everything is lost. It is possible to avoid the need to ever anti-foul again. It comes down to taking measures to avoid unwanted pests. A big solution to this is getting a dock that will shield them and the water away. Get reliable and high quality floating platforms in Brisbane at MarineScapes.

Established in 2004 as Custom Floats, we’ve been Marinescapes since 2017. We’re an Australian owned company in Victoria that supports the marine industry. We design, manufacture and install standard and custom floats in Brisbane. Due to our dedication in continuous learning and development, we’re able to provide our customers with a range of durable, eco-friendly, and unique products that are making a massive difference in marine lovers’ lives, especially when it comes to time and money.

The Problem With Anti-Fouling and the Value of Our Floating Dock in Brisbane

Anti-fouling is a process that is not done once, and you can forget about it. It’s something that constantly has to be repeated to protect your boat against aquatic creatures that tend to attach themselves to the body of your craft and affect its performance and durability. If you’re wondering why your boat is not running at the efficiency it once did, it may mean it needs anti-fouling. Anti-fouling not only shields off pests, but it can serve as a barrier to corrosion and improve speed.

Anti-fouling is also no walk in the park. Even if you have a small boat, it’s often a time-consuming task to administer. Plus, the paints and coatings used to anti-foul are generally commercial in nature and not environmentally friendly. So not only are you wasting time and money on paint and coatings, purchasing these items repeatedly, but you’re introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.

That’s why our floating dock in Brisbane makes an ideal solution. Our docks keep water away from your boat, which is the one thing that leads to the problem. With our docks, we ensure you’ll never have to anti-foul again, and with the option of getting them customised to fit your boat specifically, you can be sure that we’ll have just what you need.

About Our Custom Floats and How One Can Be Yours Before You Know It

There are no limits to the kind of floating pontoon in Brisbane we’ll offer you. We’re known for our custom floats, and we design and install custom floats for marinas, commercial and residential jetties, aquaculture, wastewater collection systems, mining applications and more.

With every custom float we make, they’ll save you money and time; they’re as aesthetic as they are functional, low maintenance and durable, environmentally friendly due to being made of non-hazardous and recyclable materials, and they’re flexible for many uses.

Contact us today to get a quote on your next and only standard or custom float. Invest in your boat, time and money.

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Where to get a High Quality Boat Float, Dry Dock, Lift, or Jet Ski Dock in Brisbane

Boat lovers here on the Gold Coast know that taking care of their watercraft is a labour of love. While to the outside world it can seem stressful to put so much work into the maintenance of your boat, to you there is nothing in the world that beats it. You know that the hard work you put in results in being able to spend countless days exploring the open ocean or lazily lying about docked in the middle of some lake. Yet, even the hardest working boat lovers deserve a break. At Marinescapes, our customised options for a dry dock boat float in Brisbane save you time and money on maintenance. Keeping the hull of your boat lifted, the bottom of your vessel stays clean and free from the barnacle, algae and other bacteria that tend to build up with our custom-made Brisbane dry docks.

What A Boat Lift in Brisbane Means for You:

The benefits of a boat float or dry dock in Brisbane cannot be understated. For boat owners, having that extra lift saves you time, money and hassle, getting you back to what you love most. Here are just a few reasons our customers have come to love our Brisbane dry docks and boat floats.

No Antifouling Ever Again: Antifouling is the bane of many boat owner’s existence. Using those nasty chemicals to clean gross debris off your hull is unpleasant, to say the least, and with our boat floats, you’ll never have to do it again. Keeping the bottom of your boat out of the water means debris can’t build up, and you will save time and money without having to antifoul ever again.

Easy Effective Maintenance: Our dry docks make boat maintenance easy and effective. Without the build-up of algae and more, your time cleaning will be significantly less. This extra boost allows for better access to parts of your boat too, saving you the hassle and stress you’ve been having.

More Time On the Water: At the end of the day, getting your craft on the water is what it’s all about. We know boat maintenance can often be a bore, and the main goal of our lifts is to get you enjoying your watercraft again. It’s why we developed our custom floats, and why you will love them.

Get In Touch With Your Boat Needs Today

If you are interested in saving time and money on the service of your boat, get in touch today. We offer premier, custom-made boat lifts, trailers and even choices for a jet ski dock in Brisbane, so we have your watercraft needs covered. Formerly known as Custom Floats, we have been helping boaties across Gold Coast since 2004, and you’ve probably seen our name at your local yacht club or marina. If you want to stop wasting time antifouling and cleaning your hull, we can help.

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Keep Your Melbourne Dock Dry with a Boat and Jet Ski Float Lift by Marinescapes

Owning boats allows us to enjoy our magnificent waterways on our own terms. It saves us from costly booking fees, crowded tours, and substandard rental equipment. What’s saved, however, is often lost in maintenance requirements. Conventional boat upkeep is costly, labour-intensive, and damages the ecosystem.

Since 2002, Marinescapes has developed cutting-edge technology that lifts your boat out of the water for easy-access maintenance and eco-friendly storage. Our products maximise your time on the water by minimising time spent on upkeep. We’ve provided our innovative boat lift to Melbourne hobbyists, commercial enterprises, and first responders earning our status as the leading global provider.

Say “No” to Antifouling, Choose Boat Lift for Your Melbourne Vessel

One of the first surprises new boat owners encounter is the extensive maintenance required for optimal performance. When boats remain in the water at dock, build up from aquatic matter is inevitable, and antifouling is recommended to protect your vessel. Antifouling paint is thick and tar-like. Conventionally, the known carcinogen is applied to a boat’s underwater hull and is used to prevent the growth of algae and barnacles and to discourage aquatic organisms from taking root. Application of antifouling paint is recommended annually and involves sanding down the hull’s finish. The process is both labour-intensive and expensive.

You paid a lot for your boat, yet “proper” maintenance instructs you to cause damage thus depreciating its value. This damage reduces its smoothness which in turn reduces its fuel efficiency. Worse, antifouling is a dangerous chemical that kills aquatic life and is unsafe around humans. A boat lift keeps your vessel out of the water eliminating the need for antifouling. With our DryBerth™ boat float, Melbourne owners help keep harmful chemicals out of our delicate waterways.

DryBerth™ systems can accommodate single and multi-hull vessels. These floats are designed to provide easy access along the boat for polishing or mechanical maintenance. We also have a smaller system for jet ski dock. Melbourne is an excellent area for water play, yet natural conditions can wear down your jet ski. An above-water storage solution right on the dock gives you quick access whenever the waves are calling.

A dry dock for your Melbourne-anchored boat looks great and works to keep everyone safe from slips and falls. Your sturdy DryBerth™ boat maintenance system is easy to use, can be operated from the boat, and has you on the water in minutes. The system needs 240 volts from the dock, on-board inverter, or generator. Non-pressurised platoons keep your boat lift from sinking in the event of an electrical malfunction.

Quality, Innovation, and Accommodation from Marinescapes

We use top-quality materials to produce premium products built to last. Installation is performed by fully insured and highly experienced builders. Attention to maintenance will extend your system’s longevity, and therefore, aftercare maintenance packages are recommended. We’ll come out, test your system, and address any problems.

Our cost-saving, eco-friendly systems pay for themselves in a few years. While our established DryBerth™ systems are an unbeatable value, we offer customised builds to suit your bespoke needs. Talk to our builders about purpose-built options.

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A Floating Pontoon, Dock, Platform, and Custom Floats from Marinescapes Lets You Effortlessly Spend Time on the Water in Melbourne

Most people love being near water, and some people feel that they have the most enjoyment from life when they are on the water. However, hauling your boat or jet ski in and out of the water can be a strenuous effort. On the other hand, equipment constantly left in the water attracts unwanted marine life and damage that require regular maintenance and anti-fouling. At Marinescapes we offer pontoons, docks, and floating platforms in Melbourne that makes the transition from land to water a breeze. Whether your favourite place to spend time is a natural beach, marina, or day camp on a lake, river, or the sea, with our water trailers and floating docks you can have more time on the water, and you will save on maintenance costs and repairs.

A Floating Pontoon in Melbourne Lets You Slip In and Out of the Water with Ease

With a Marinescapes water trailer, it’s easy to drive or winch your boat on and off its trailer. With this type of construction, your trailer instantly becomes a floating pontoon in Melbourne suitable for both shallow and deep water. A DryBerth™ water trailer is the most affordable boat-lifting solution; no pumps or power are required, and it’s easy to self-install.

Our boat floats and jet ski floats are secure and stable and can be placed next to a floating dock in Melbourne. DryBerth™ water trailers are suitable for most boat types up to 6.2 meters. With a DryBerth™ water trailer, you can effortlessly raise and lower your boat in minutes, and it even guides your boat in for easy berthing. Both Marinescapes floats and trailers suit vessels with a similar weight rating; after you upgrade your boat, you can still use the same DryBerth™.

Marinescapes Benefits You and Saves the Environment

We use super tough, UV resistant high-density polyethylene to construct our floating platforms in Melbourne. They are cost effective, permanent, durable and will not puncture or tear.

While our pontoons are unaffected by algae and crustacean growth, your boat is not. On a Marinescapes water trailer, you can keep your boat leg, shafts, and anodes away from water when not in use which means that your boat can remain in pristine condition. If you keep your boat dry, you won’t need to spend money and effort on anti-foul products at all. You won’t only prolong the lifetime of your investment but also save the environment. Anti-foul chemicals are toxic, and by reducing their use, you can help to reduce their environmental impact and protect our precious waterways.

MarineScapes is Still the Best Company for Custom Floats in Melbourne

Previously known as Custom Floats, we’ve built docks, platforms, and floating pontoons for aquaculture farms, marinas, rescue pods, and other applications. We provide docking solutions tailor-made for your requirements. One of the advantages of constructing a dock or pontoon with floats is its versatility. If your needs change or you want to relocate, we can help to transform your installation to meet your specifications. Our experienced marine installation teams can provide transportation and on-site installation of your order. We also offer on-site repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement. Contact us today for water trailers, pontoons, and custom floats in Melbourne.

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Formerly Custom Floats, Choose Marinescapes’ Floating Pontoon, Dock, and Platforms to Protect Sydney’s Waterways

Your aquatic touring company has a fleet of boats that take people along Sydney’s iconic coastline. Looking to expand, you’ve been tasked with finding cost-saving measures. Yesterday you noticed some sort of floating pontoon at your Sydney competitor’s dock. At first, you assume it’s time for their annual antifouling and that they’ve begun to pull the fleet out of water for treatment. By the end of the day, the crew had already departed.

Marinescapes has become the global leader in floating platforms, and Sydney businesses have taken notice. Our DryBerth™ line of boat lifts provide an easy-to-use solution that eliminates antifouling and keeps your fleet looking its best. Make an investment that pays for itself with our out-of-water docking solutions.

Floating Platforms are Sydney’s Better Alternative

Antifouling paint damages the perfected design of your hull even though it’s intended to protect the boat from aquatic biomatter. Biomatter builds up while your boats sit idle and weighs down the boat reducing its navigational precision and fuel efficiency. Although aesthetically unappealing, heavy itself, and harmful to humans and marine life, it’s still considered the conventional method.

Antifouling paint must be applied regularly which requires the boat be lifted out of the water and serviced by professionals. The hull is sanded down to prepare for the new coat repeatedly diminishing the vessel’s resale value. Paint runoff contaminates our waterways and kills ecosystems. We believe something must change.

Our product eliminates the need for antifouling by keeping your vessels above water. Using non-pressurised pontoons, we’ve created a floating dock for Sydney vessels. Installed right on the water, our single and multi-hull boat lifts are quick and easy to operate. Platforms are safe to walk on allowing access around the perimeter for loading, unloading, and cosmetics.

Our boat floats are made of premium-quality materials designed to last with little upkeep. They also run off 240 volts and can be powered through the dock, boat, or generator. Our unique, non-pressurised pontoons prevent our system from sinking in the event of electrical failure. There are spaces for plank attachments to facilitate mechanical maintenance as needed.

DryBerth™ systems are also available for jet skis and have been used by recreational, commercial, and governmental bodies alike. A reliable and eco-responsible alternative to conventional boat upkeep, first responders have utilised our products to preserve their fleet’s performance and appearance. Above-water storage keeps your hull in shipbuilder’s shape allowing you to go further with less fuel.

Marinescapes: New Name, Same Great Product

Marinescapes, formerly Custom Floats, is Sydney’s choice for high-quality, customisable, boat lifts. As consumers increasingly check businesses’ ecological impact, companies have turned to above-water docking and storage solutions. Floating pontoons eliminates antifouling reducing the level of contamination in our waterways. Maintenance is minimal and covered through our comprehensive aftercare packages. Financing for a float purchase, installation, or aftercare agreement is available and can be tailored to your requirements. Customisations are also available, so talk to our builders to design a bespoke floating platform for your business.

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Enjoy the Ocean More with a Dry Jet Ski Dock and Boat Lift–Quality Products for Sydney

Having a boat is a valuable asset for those who love the sea and have the chance to visit it whenever they choose. Unfortunately, with everything, there’s maintenance to keep in mind. One area of concern is protecting your boat from water damage inside and out. Just because your boat is made for the ocean and waves, doesn’t mean its immune to its harsh side effects.

For products that will ensure you have many years to enjoy your boat, consider Marinescapes. We offer a range of quality products such as a dry dock in Sydney. Initially starting as Custom Floats in 2004, we’re now trading as Marinescapes and have been since 2017. We support the marine industry, serving as a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of lifting solutions.

It doesn’t matter what type of boat or jet ski you have, our boat lift in Sydney is the answer to finding a resilient, eco-friendly solution that extends the life of your marine craft. Our docks are easy to operate out of the water and help protect waterways by eliminating the need for constant, pricey and toxic anti-fouling. For one who loves the sea, you’ll appreciate this.

Our Sydney Dry Dock Will Leave You with Peace of Mind and More Money in Your Pocket

The type of damage water can cause to your boat might be apparent. Not only can a wet boat be uncomfortable and distracting in enjoying the ocean surrounding you, but it can eventually lead to mould and deterioration, even to the point where anti-fouling is necessary.

This will cost you a lot and diminish your investment. Something as simple as getting a Sydney dry dock can make a tremendous difference. The most significant benefit to our docks is that you’ll never have to anti-foul again. Our docks will ensure your boat is shielded from water and is gently raised or lowered without harsh impact.

Other benefits are that our floats are easy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about overcoming a considerable learning curve, they guide your boat easily, they don’t wear, including being resistant to UV rays, and they’re unaffected by algae and crustacean growth.

Our docks not only support boats from under 25’ to over 35’ but they can be customised to support your boat perfectly.

Our Docks Also Support Jet Skis, and They’ll Ensure That You Save Money and Effort in the Long Run

Our docks also support jet skis. Get a jet ski dock in Sydney that will save you thousands of dollars in anti-fouling costs and damages to the motor and other moving parts. You’ll essentially get your money back from not having to dish out lots of it due to this preventable damage.

Your jet ski will remain dry every time with our docks that are just as easy to set up as the ones for the boat. These docks are lightweight and eliminate algae and other marine growth on the hull. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a jet ski to enjoy for many years without the pain of heavy maintenance and loss of cash.

Contact us today to start enjoying your boat or jet ski to the fullest without the fear of water damage.

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The Advantages of Having a Boat Lift and Where to Find a Dry Dock, Jet Ski Dock, or Boat Floats in Australia

For many people, owning a boat and a personal dock is a dream come true. However, if you fail to take proper care of your boat, it can quickly become an extremely expensive nightmare. One of the most important things to do is establish safe storage for your boat. Just because you use your boat in the water does not mean the water is the best place to store it. How you store your boat will have a significant impact on how long your boat will last. Here are the advantages of investing in a boat lift in Australia.

No more antifouling

Leaving your boat in the water can cause several problems. Over time, water damages the boat by causing corrosion on its underside. Also, algae will start to collect, resulting in layers of residue. This residue wears down your paint, especially lower-quality paint. You will then have to spend time and money for removing the build-up. If you’d like to say goodbye to antifouling once and for all, a Marinescapes Dry Berth in Australia can allow you to do so.

Easier and safer boarding

Having a boat lift means easier and safer boarding. When you store your boat in the water, changing water levels and wind can make boarding tricky. A boat lift provides a stable environment that allows for much more comfortable and safer boarding each time. It also cuts down on the amount of time you’ll need to spend on safety checks before taking your boat out.

Better cost-efficiency

Although it may look like a larger upfront investment, a Dry Berth boat float can save you money in the long run. When you store your boat dry, and out of the water, you increase its resale price as well as keep the bottom clean, thereby improving gas mileage and performance and reducing the need to repaint. All these things save you money, meaning that your boat lift could be less expensive in the long run than storing your boat in the water.

More time to enjoy your boat

The issues caused by storing your boat in the water can all cost you considerable amounts of time. You will quickly realise that you spend too much of your precious time cleaning your boat instead of enjoying it. A boat lift keeps your boat safely out of the water when you’re not using it, meaning that it will not stay in constant contact with water. This prevents algae and corrosion from building up and damaging the hull – and keeps you from spending hours scrubbing and repainting it. Use that time to enjoy your time out on the water instead!

Where to find a boat lift in Australia

If you’re looking for boat floats in Australia, Marinescapes has what you need. Formally Custom Floats, Marinescapes can help you find the boat or jet ski dock in Australia that suits your needs best. We can also provide custom builds to satisfy specific requirements. Marinescapes, also supplies boat floats internationally, pre-made to suit your boat measurements and packed for easy self-installation.

Keep your boat dry and protected and stop antifouling now – contact Marinescapes for more information.

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The Benefits of a Floating Pontoon Dock and Where to Find Custom Floating Docks and Floats in Australia

It’s easy to decide to add a dock to your property – but a little less easy to decide what type of dock you want. There are two main types of docks: fixed and floating. Choosing the right one for you is about assessing your needs and figuring out which one will suit them best. Here are some of the advantages of floating docks in Australia.


Most floating docks are fairly basic. Some are delivered fully assembled while others are designed for easy assembly and installation. Installing a basic floating dock does not require the use of speciality equipment or complicated building permits (but always verify this in your area). These benefits also make floating docks, on average, more affordable than fixed docks. However, should you desire a custom build, this option is also available.

Low maintenance

Floating docks tend to be made of low-maintenance materials such as polyethylene. That means that you won’t have to worry about sanding or painting your dock; instead, you’ll be able to start using it immediately. These docks are also very easy to clean – all you need is soap and water.

Natural adjustability

Floating docks literally float on top of the water, which means that they are always at the same height as the watercraft. This makes embarking and disembarking easy every time. You’ll always be able to use your dock when you want to no matter how high or low the water level gets.

Easy removal

With a floating dock in Australia, you won’t have to worry about severe weather damage. Floating docks are easy to remove if you need to store them temporarily in a safe place before a major storm.

Often modular

Many floating docks are modular, which means that they can be sold in sections and then assembled with connectors. This allows you to configure and reconfigure your dock at will to best suit your particular needs at any given time. Marinas often take advantage of this features, reconfiguring slips to accommodate boats of various sizes.

Where to find custom floats in Australia

Are you looking for custom floats in Australia? Marinescapes can help. Sometimes, even seemingly simple dock installations can give the best DIY guys a run for their money. If this sounds like you, Marinescapes is standing by to assist. Alternatively, if you would like a custom dock that’s a little more than “just the basics,” we can handle that, too. We’ll be happy to create a custom floating dock designed to suit your needs.

Formerly Custom Floats, Marinescapes offers high-quality products and has thousands of satisfied customers. Our docks are 100% marine safe and HDPE tough. They are low-maintenance, easy to operate, and long-lasting; they also have a substantial resale value. You’ll also save time by not having to drive your boat to the boat ramp – which means more time in the water for you! To learn more about our boat dock solutions or the advantages of a floating pontoon in Australia, contact Marinescapes today.

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