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Custom Float Solutions

MarineScapes specialises in providing innovative, cost-effective floatation solutions for all marine environments 

Our clients include aquaculture, marina developments, commercial and residential jetties, water waste collection systems, floating accommodation, mining applications, construction and others.

Using the latest marine technology, MarineScapes can design, deliver and construct a solution to address your specific needs.


  • Cost and time effective
  • Aesthetic and functional
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and permanent
  • Environmentally friendly - made of non-hazardous, recyclable materials
  • Flexible for various applications


Contact MarineScapes today and our highly skilled technical staff can help you design a unique product solution that successfully meets your specific project requirements.

Call our Customer Service Team now on 1300 363 586 (Australia) for a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do I have to anti-foul my boat?

A: No, you never have to anti-foul your boat as the boat float will keep the hull and boat legs out of the water away from algae and crustacean growth.

Q: Do I have to anti-foul MarineScapes products?

A: No, this is not required as algae and crustacean growth does not damage our products.

Q: Are there instructions on how to operate my MarineScapes product?

A: Yes we issue you with all the instructions you need to be able to operate your MarineScapes product at the time of handover and demonstrate on delivery to ensure you are completely comfortable operating it. Don't forget, the benefit of the MarineScapes product is in its simplicity to operate.

Q: Can I move my MarineScapes product?

A: We advice you contact your MarineScapes Customer Representive, we are experienced in handling different scenarios such as this and can advise on the very best and most efficient solution.

Q: Can I install my MarineScapes product myself?

A: We advice you contact your MarineScapes Customer Representive as it might void your warranty. Our team of installers Australia wide will deliver, install and demonstrate the custom float to your satisfaction.


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