DryBerth™ Boat Floats

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MarineScapes DryBerth™ protects and extends the life of your boat and maintains optimal performance. Enjoy your boat without hassles and added maintenance costs.


Key Benefits

  • Quick and simple to operate
  • Effortlessly raise and lower your boat in minutes
  • Keep your boat out of the water and in pristine condition
  • Guides your boat in for easy berthing
  • Will not puncture or tear
  • 1 year product warranty

Other Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective, permanent, durable and environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to UV rays and are unaffected by algae and crustacean growth
  • Are able to withstand impacts and will not puncture or wear
  • Keep your boat leg, shafts and anodes away from water when not in use
  • Are constructed of high-density polyethylene and are virtually maintenance free
  • Secure and stable and can simply be placed alongside your jetty
  • Simple to use and suits boats with a similar weight rating -you can upgrade your boat and still use the same DryBerth™
  • DryBerths™ - insurance to maintain the value of your boat investment

DryBerths™ suitable for most boat types and sizes:

  • Single or multi-hulled and fix-keeled vessels
  • Boats over 35′
  • Boats 25'-35'
  • Boats under 25'
  • We can custom fit your boat for you if needed

Call our Customer Service Team now on 1300 363 586 (Australia) for a quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I still have to anti-foul my boat?

A: No, you never have to anti-foul your boat as the boat float will keep the hull and boat legs out of the water away from algae and crustacean growth.

Q: Do I have to anti-foul the DryBerth™?

A: No, this is not required as algae and crustacean growth does not damage the DryBerth™.

Q: Is it hard to operate?

A: No, for day to day operation, it takes

Q: Are there instructions on how to operate my DryBerth™?

A: Yes we issue you with all the instructions you need to be able to operate your DryBerth™ at the time of handover and demonstrate on delivery to ensure you are completely comfortable with operating the boat lift.

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