Why Marinescapes

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Formerly Custom Floats Pty Limited, MarineScapes was established in 2002 to design and install boat lifts. Today MarineScapes has grown into a respected global provider of marine lifting and custom float solution


MarineScapes is an Australian owned company based in Victoria, Australia. Due to ongoing expansion, MarineScapes is currently expanding manufacturing operations, with new facilities scheduled to open in both Queensland and New South Wales in 2017.


Thousands of MarineScapes boat lifts have been designed and installed around the globe. MarineScapes DryBerths have the capability to lift jetskis and both mono-hulled and multi-hulled boats from 14 feet to 40 feet in length. MarineScapes flotation devices and lifts are now widely used by major fleet operators, Coast Guards and Water Police and rescue services in Australia and around the world.

Innovative Marine Flotation Solutions

Our dedication to continuous research and development has resulted in a range of unique, durable and environmentally friendly marine products that are transforming the global marine industry.

Save Time, Labor and Money

By using MarineScapes DryBerths you can realise substantial cost and time savings by eliminating the need to regularly anti-foul your precious marine assets.

Custom Design Solutions

We specialise in providing custom product and project solutions for aquaculture farms, marinas and rescue pods and other bespoke applications.

We are Safe and Green

MarineScapes is a strong advocate of reducing environmental impacts. Our durable products are environmentally sustainable and will not puncture or wear. MarineScapes products also protect our precious waterways by providing an alternative to the regular toxic anti-fouling of marine craft.

It's all about servicing our customers

By eliminating the hassle, time and cost time of anti-fouling marine craft every year, your MarineScapes investment will pay for itself in just a few years.


For a small monthly fee, our highly experienced product specialists will provide annual servicing, on-site repairs and parts replacement if required. This will help prolong the life of your investment so you never have to worry again.

Installation Made Easy

Our highly experienced marine installation teams will coordinate transportation and on-site installation of your MarineScapes product and for a small monthly fee, we will provide annual servicing, on-site repairs and parts replacement. This will help prolong the life of your investment so you never have to worry again.


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