Avoid Anti Fouling Your Boat With our Quality Custom Floats in Brisbane – Choose a Floating Pontoon, Dock and Several Kinds of Platforms at Marinescapes

Anti-fouling can be a significant downside to having a boat despite the many benefits it provides. You continuously have to repaint and coat just to keep the pests at bay. This is a costly and painstaking task that might not deliver the satisfaction or investment you want.

However, not everything is lost. It is possible to avoid the need to ever anti-foul again. It comes down to taking measures to avoid unwanted pests. A big solution to this is getting a dock that will shield them and the water away. Get reliable and high quality floating platforms in Brisbane at MarineScapes.

Established in 2004 as Custom Floats, we’ve been Marinescapes since 2017. We’re an Australian owned company in Victoria that supports the marine industry. We design, manufacture and install standard and custom floats in Brisbane. Due to our dedication in continuous learning and development, we’re able to provide our customers with a range of durable, eco-friendly, and unique products that are making a massive difference in marine lovers’ lives, especially when it comes to time and money.

The Problem With Anti-Fouling and the Value of Our Floating Dock in Brisbane

Anti-fouling is a process that is not done once, and you can forget about it. It’s something that constantly has to be repeated to protect your boat against aquatic creatures that tend to attach themselves to the body of your craft and affect its performance and durability. If you’re wondering why your boat is not running at the efficiency it once did, it may mean it needs anti-fouling. Anti-fouling not only shields off pests, but it can serve as a barrier to corrosion and improve speed.

Anti-fouling is also no walk in the park. Even if you have a small boat, it’s often a time-consuming task to administer. Plus, the paints and coatings used to anti-foul are generally commercial in nature and not environmentally friendly. So not only are you wasting time and money on paint and coatings, purchasing these items repeatedly, but you’re introducing harmful chemicals into the environment.

That’s why our floating dock in Brisbane makes an ideal solution. Our docks keep water away from your boat, which is the one thing that leads to the problem. With our docks, we ensure you’ll never have to anti-foul again, and with the option of getting them customised to fit your boat specifically, you can be sure that we’ll have just what you need.

About Our Custom Floats and How One Can Be Yours Before You Know It

There are no limits to the kind of floating pontoon in Brisbane we’ll offer you. We’re known for our custom floats, and we design and install custom floats for marinas, commercial and residential jetties, aquaculture, wastewater collection systems, mining applications and more.

With every custom float we make, they’ll save you money and time; they’re as aesthetic as they are functional, low maintenance and durable, environmentally friendly due to being made of non-hazardous and recyclable materials, and they’re flexible for many uses.

Contact us today to get a quote on your next and only standard or custom float. Invest in your boat, time and money.

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