Get a Customisable Floating Dock or Boat Float in Newcastle Today

For marina owners and those working in dock management, finding efficient solutions to your customer’s docking needs is of the utmost importance. Here in Newcastle, a floating dock can save you and your clients time and money, relieving much of the stress of maintenance on your boats and other watercraft. Or, if your business requires creative dock solutions, whether you need a waterfront helipad or commercial jetty, a floating dock in Newcastle is the way to go.

At Marinescapes, we work in floating dock needs of all sorts, whether you need a floating helipad, jet ski dock, or boat float in Newcastle, we can be there for you. Open since 2004 as Custom Floats, and operating under Marinescapes since 2017, we provide unique floating dock solutions for a variety of client needs and services. We customise our docks to you, so no matter what your docking needs are we can certainly help.

Why Choose a Floating Dock in Newcastle?

There’s a range of reasons and motivations for investing in a floating dock or boat float in Newcastle. From relieving maintenance work to keeping your vehicles and watercrafts safe, our floats help those working in a marina setting for a multitude of purposes. Here are just a few ways a floating dock in Newcastle can help you.

Simple, Easy Maintenance: For boat owners in Newcastle, a floating dock will relieve much of the work you put in scraping barnacles and algae or using antifoul chemicals. By elevating your watercraft, these bacteria won’t form to the bottom of your vessel, and you will save time and money on the maintenance of your hull. This way, you will have one less thing to worry about and be able to get back to the water faster.

Keep Vehicles Safe: For owners of vehicles like jet skis, pontoons, or helicopters that rely on docking in the water, you want to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. With a customised floating dock, your craft will stay safely and securely out of the water, away from algae and bacteria, so that you can use them faster when needed.

Work Easier: If you work in aquaculture or a marina, our docks help you work easier. Getting you access to where you need to be all while keeping you secure, you avoid much of the hassle of more conventional dock choices. We customise our docks to your job, and always keep efficiency in mind.

Contact Us For Your Customised Dock Today

For those working on the water in Newcastle, a floating dock will make a huge difference in your life. Whether you are docking jet skis or need a boat float in Newcastle, we offer solutions to make your life a whole lot easier. Get in touch today, or give us a ring with any questions you may have, and we will be sure to sort you out.

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