The Benefits of Dry Docks, Jet Ski Docks and Floating Pontoons for Gold Coast Watersport

When you dock a motorboat, jet ski or pontoon in a traditional marina, algae, barnacles, or other sea debris have a nasty way of building up on your watercraft’s hull. Barnacles and algae are especially attracted to the smooth surface of your craft, attaching themselves and multiplying quickly while your boat is not in use. These bacteria can slow you down, or cause major issues over time, and need to be routinely cleared. Yet antifouling and scraping your hull can be annoying and unpleasant, and you are probably wondering if there is a better way to prevent this debris. Luckily, at Marinescapes, we have custom developed options for boat floats or a floating pontoon here in Gold Coast for the docking of your boat which prevent these substances from building up. Our dry dock in your Gold Coast marina save you the hassle of antifouling and keep your vessel at its best.

How Does a Boat Float in Gold Coast Work?

For boaties in Australia, the prospect of not having to antifoul again is very tempting, but how exactly does a boat float in Gold Coast work? The concept is rather straightforward and makes the maintenance and service of your boat easier than ever before! Our designers have specially built our floats for your docking purposes, and the difference they make is unique.

The logistics of our boat or jet ski docks for those in Gold Coast are fairly simple. Using inflatable, DryBerth technology, our docks lift your boat so that it is safely out of the water, while the hull and motor are still protected as the material is gentle on your boat's surface. Keeping your boat out of lake or sea water prevents algae or bacteria from forming, keeping it clean and safe. Using polyethylene, the docks themselves won’t be affected by algae or barnacles, making them basically maintenance free.

Getting your boat on to the dock itself is also an uncomplicated process. We make operating our floats easy and efficient, so you won’t have to be messing about trying to get your boat up on the float. Our floats and docks withstand punctures and are very durable, so even the roughest of substances won’t affect them. Safe from UV rays and secure near a jetty, the choosing a dock or floating pontoon in Gold Coast will last a very long time.

Quit Antifouling by Contacting Us Today

If you are sick of antifouling your boat and cleaning off barnacles then get in touch today. Operating since 2004 as Custom Floats, and operating as Marinescapes since 2017, we are the choice for boat lovers here in Gold Coast. Boat maintenance gets in the way of you enjoying what you love the most, and above all, we seek to get you back out enjoying your watercraft.

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