Where to get a High Quality Boat Float, Dry Dock, Lift, or Jet Ski Dock in Brisbane

Boat lovers here on the Gold Coast know that taking care of their watercraft is a labour of love. While to the outside world it can seem stressful to put so much work into the maintenance of your boat, to you there is nothing in the world that beats it. You know that the hard work you put in results in being able to spend countless days exploring the open ocean or lazily lying about docked in the middle of some lake. Yet, even the hardest working boat lovers deserve a break. At Marinescapes, our customised options for a dry dock boat float in Brisbane save you time and money on maintenance. Keeping the hull of your boat lifted, the bottom of your vessel stays clean and free from the barnacle, algae and other bacteria that tend to build up with our custom-made Brisbane dry docks.

What A Boat Lift in Brisbane Means for You:

The benefits of a boat float or dry dock in Brisbane cannot be understated. For boat owners, having that extra lift saves you time, money and hassle, getting you back to what you love most. Here are just a few reasons our customers have come to love our Brisbane dry docks and boat floats.

No Antifouling Ever Again: Antifouling is the bane of many boat owner’s existence. Using those nasty chemicals to clean gross debris off your hull is unpleasant, to say the least, and with our boat floats, you’ll never have to do it again. Keeping the bottom of your boat out of the water means debris can’t build up, and you will save time and money without having to antifoul ever again.

Easy Effective Maintenance: Our dry docks make boat maintenance easy and effective. Without the build-up of algae and more, your time cleaning will be significantly less. This extra boost allows for better access to parts of your boat too, saving you the hassle and stress you’ve been having.

More Time On the Water: At the end of the day, getting your craft on the water is what it’s all about. We know boat maintenance can often be a bore, and the main goal of our lifts is to get you enjoying your watercraft again. It’s why we developed our custom floats, and why you will love them.

Get In Touch With Your Boat Needs Today

If you are interested in saving time and money on the service of your boat, get in touch today. We offer premier, custom-made boat lifts, trailers and even choices for a jet ski dock in Brisbane, so we have your watercraft needs covered. Formerly known as Custom Floats, we have been helping boaties across Gold Coast since 2004, and you’ve probably seen our name at your local yacht club or marina. If you want to stop wasting time antifouling and cleaning your hull, we can help.

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