Keep Your Melbourne Dock Dry with a Boat and Jet Ski Float Lift by Marinescapes

Owning boats allows us to enjoy our magnificent waterways on our own terms. It saves us from costly booking fees, crowded tours, and substandard rental equipment. What’s saved, however, is often lost in maintenance requirements. Conventional boat upkeep is costly, labour-intensive, and damages the ecosystem.

Since 2002, Marinescapes has developed cutting-edge technology that lifts your boat out of the water for easy-access maintenance and eco-friendly storage. Our products maximise your time on the water by minimising time spent on upkeep. We’ve provided our innovative boat lift to Melbourne hobbyists, commercial enterprises, and first responders earning our status as the leading global provider.

Say “No” to Antifouling, Choose Boat Lift for Your Melbourne Vessel

One of the first surprises new boat owners encounter is the extensive maintenance required for optimal performance. When boats remain in the water at dock, build up from aquatic matter is inevitable, and antifouling is recommended to protect your vessel. Antifouling paint is thick and tar-like. Conventionally, the known carcinogen is applied to a boat’s underwater hull and is used to prevent the growth of algae and barnacles and to discourage aquatic organisms from taking root. Application of antifouling paint is recommended annually and involves sanding down the hull’s finish. The process is both labour-intensive and expensive.

You paid a lot for your boat, yet “proper” maintenance instructs you to cause damage thus depreciating its value. This damage reduces its smoothness which in turn reduces its fuel efficiency. Worse, antifouling is a dangerous chemical that kills aquatic life and is unsafe around humans. A boat lift keeps your vessel out of the water eliminating the need for antifouling. With our DryBerth™ boat float, Melbourne owners help keep harmful chemicals out of our delicate waterways.

DryBerth™ systems can accommodate single and multi-hull vessels. These floats are designed to provide easy access along the boat for polishing or mechanical maintenance. We also have a smaller system for jet ski dock. Melbourne is an excellent area for water play, yet natural conditions can wear down your jet ski. An above-water storage solution right on the dock gives you quick access whenever the waves are calling.

A dry dock for your Melbourne-anchored boat looks great and works to keep everyone safe from slips and falls. Your sturdy DryBerth™ boat maintenance system is easy to use, can be operated from the boat, and has you on the water in minutes. The system needs 240 volts from the dock, on-board inverter, or generator. Non-pressurised platoons keep your boat lift from sinking in the event of an electrical malfunction.

Quality, Innovation, and Accommodation from Marinescapes

We use top-quality materials to produce premium products built to last. Installation is performed by fully insured and highly experienced builders. Attention to maintenance will extend your system’s longevity, and therefore, aftercare maintenance packages are recommended. We’ll come out, test your system, and address any problems.

Our cost-saving, eco-friendly systems pay for themselves in a few years. While our established DryBerth™ systems are an unbeatable value, we offer customised builds to suit your bespoke needs. Talk to our builders about purpose-built options.

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