The Advantages of Having a Boat Lift and Where to Find a Dry Dock, Jet Ski Dock, or Boat Floats in Australia

For many people, owning a boat and a personal dock is a dream come true. However, if you fail to take proper care of your boat, it can quickly become an extremely expensive nightmare. One of the most important things to do is establish safe storage for your boat. Just because you use your boat in the water does not mean the water is the best place to store it. How you store your boat will have a significant impact on how long your boat will last. Here are the advantages of investing in a boat lift in Australia.

No more antifouling

Leaving your boat in the water can cause several problems. Over time, water damages the boat by causing corrosion on its underside. Also, algae will start to collect, resulting in layers of residue. This residue wears down your paint, especially lower-quality paint. You will then have to spend time and money for removing the build-up. If you’d like to say goodbye to antifouling once and for all, a Marinescapes Dry Berth in Australia can allow you to do so.

Easier and safer boarding

Having a boat lift means easier and safer boarding. When you store your boat in the water, changing water levels and wind can make boarding tricky. A boat lift provides a stable environment that allows for much more comfortable and safer boarding each time. It also cuts down on the amount of time you’ll need to spend on safety checks before taking your boat out.

Better cost-efficiency

Although it may look like a larger upfront investment, a Dry Berth boat float can save you money in the long run. When you store your boat dry, and out of the water, you increase its resale price as well as keep the bottom clean, thereby improving gas mileage and performance and reducing the need to repaint. All these things save you money, meaning that your boat lift could be less expensive in the long run than storing your boat in the water.

More time to enjoy your boat

The issues caused by storing your boat in the water can all cost you considerable amounts of time. You will quickly realise that you spend too much of your precious time cleaning your boat instead of enjoying it. A boat lift keeps your boat safely out of the water when you’re not using it, meaning that it will not stay in constant contact with water. This prevents algae and corrosion from building up and damaging the hull – and keeps you from spending hours scrubbing and repainting it. Use that time to enjoy your time out on the water instead!

Where to find a boat lift in Australia

If you’re looking for boat floats in Australia, Marinescapes has what you need. Formally Custom Floats, Marinescapes can help you find the boat or jet ski dock in Australia that suits your needs best. We can also provide custom builds to satisfy specific requirements. Marinescapes, also supplies boat floats internationally, pre-made to suit your boat measurements and packed for easy self-installation.

Keep your boat dry and protected and stop antifouling now – contact Marinescapes for more information.

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