A Floating Pontoon, Dock, Platform, and Custom Floats from Marinescapes Lets You Effortlessly Spend Time on the Water in Melbourne

Most people love being near water, and some people feel that they have the most enjoyment from life when they are on the water. However, hauling your boat or jet ski in and out of the water can be a strenuous effort. On the other hand, equipment constantly left in the water attracts unwanted marine life and damage that require regular maintenance and anti-fouling. At Marinescapes we offer pontoons, docks, and floating platforms in Melbourne that makes the transition from land to water a breeze. Whether your favourite place to spend time is a natural beach, marina, or day camp on a lake, river, or the sea, with our water trailers and floating docks you can have more time on the water, and you will save on maintenance costs and repairs.

A Floating Pontoon in Melbourne Lets You Slip In and Out of the Water with Ease

With a Marinescapes water trailer, it’s easy to drive or winch your boat on and off its trailer. With this type of construction, your trailer instantly becomes a floating pontoon in Melbourne suitable for both shallow and deep water. A DryBerth™ water trailer is the most affordable boat-lifting solution; no pumps or power are required, and it’s easy to self-install.

Our boat floats and jet ski floats are secure and stable and can be placed next to a floating dock in Melbourne. DryBerth™ water trailers are suitable for most boat types up to 6.2 meters. With a DryBerth™ water trailer, you can effortlessly raise and lower your boat in minutes, and it even guides your boat in for easy berthing. Both Marinescapes floats and trailers suit vessels with a similar weight rating; after you upgrade your boat, you can still use the same DryBerth™.

Marinescapes Benefits You and Saves the Environment

We use super tough, UV resistant high-density polyethylene to construct our floating platforms in Melbourne. They are cost effective, permanent, durable and will not puncture or tear.

While our pontoons are unaffected by algae and crustacean growth, your boat is not. On a Marinescapes water trailer, you can keep your boat leg, shafts, and anodes away from water when not in use which means that your boat can remain in pristine condition. If you keep your boat dry, you won’t need to spend money and effort on anti-foul products at all. You won’t only prolong the lifetime of your investment but also save the environment. Anti-foul chemicals are toxic, and by reducing their use, you can help to reduce their environmental impact and protect our precious waterways.

MarineScapes is Still the Best Company for Custom Floats in Melbourne

Previously known as Custom Floats, we’ve built docks, platforms, and floating pontoons for aquaculture farms, marinas, rescue pods, and other applications. We provide docking solutions tailor-made for your requirements. One of the advantages of constructing a dock or pontoon with floats is its versatility. If your needs change or you want to relocate, we can help to transform your installation to meet your specifications. Our experienced marine installation teams can provide transportation and on-site installation of your order. We also offer on-site repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement. Contact us today for water trailers, pontoons, and custom floats in Melbourne.

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