Formerly Custom Floats, Choose Marinescapes’ Floating Pontoon, Dock, and Platforms to Protect Sydney’s Waterways

Your aquatic touring company has a fleet of boats that take people along Sydney’s iconic coastline. Looking to expand, you’ve been tasked with finding cost-saving measures. Yesterday you noticed some sort of floating pontoon at your Sydney competitor’s dock. At first, you assume it’s time for their annual antifouling and that they’ve begun to pull the fleet out of water for treatment. By the end of the day, the crew had already departed.

Marinescapes has become the global leader in floating platforms, and Sydney businesses have taken notice. Our DryBerth™ line of boat lifts provide an easy-to-use solution that eliminates antifouling and keeps your fleet looking its best. Make an investment that pays for itself with our out-of-water docking solutions.

Floating Platforms are Sydney’s Better Alternative

Antifouling paint damages the perfected design of your hull even though it’s intended to protect the boat from aquatic biomatter. Biomatter builds up while your boats sit idle and weighs down the boat reducing its navigational precision and fuel efficiency. Although aesthetically unappealing, heavy itself, and harmful to humans and marine life, it’s still considered the conventional method.

Antifouling paint must be applied regularly which requires the boat be lifted out of the water and serviced by professionals. The hull is sanded down to prepare for the new coat repeatedly diminishing the vessel’s resale value. Paint runoff contaminates our waterways and kills ecosystems. We believe something must change.

Our product eliminates the need for antifouling by keeping your vessels above water. Using non-pressurised pontoons, we’ve created a floating dock for Sydney vessels. Installed right on the water, our single and multi-hull boat lifts are quick and easy to operate. Platforms are safe to walk on allowing access around the perimeter for loading, unloading, and cosmetics.

Our boat floats are made of premium-quality materials designed to last with little upkeep. They also run off 240 volts and can be powered through the dock, boat, or generator. Our unique, non-pressurised pontoons prevent our system from sinking in the event of electrical failure. There are spaces for plank attachments to facilitate mechanical maintenance as needed.

DryBerth™ systems are also available for jet skis and have been used by recreational, commercial, and governmental bodies alike. A reliable and eco-responsible alternative to conventional boat upkeep, first responders have utilised our products to preserve their fleet’s performance and appearance. Above-water storage keeps your hull in shipbuilder’s shape allowing you to go further with less fuel.

Marinescapes: New Name, Same Great Product

Marinescapes, formerly Custom Floats, is Sydney’s choice for high-quality, customisable, boat lifts. As consumers increasingly check businesses’ ecological impact, companies have turned to above-water docking and storage solutions. Floating pontoons eliminates antifouling reducing the level of contamination in our waterways. Maintenance is minimal and covered through our comprehensive aftercare packages. Financing for a float purchase, installation, or aftercare agreement is available and can be tailored to your requirements. Customisations are also available, so talk to our builders to design a bespoke floating platform for your business.

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