The Benefits of a Floating Pontoon Dock and Where to Find Custom Floating Docks and Floats in Australia

It’s easy to decide to add a dock to your property – but a little less easy to decide what type of dock you want. There are two main types of docks: fixed and floating. Choosing the right one for you is about assessing your needs and figuring out which one will suit them best. Here are some of the advantages of floating docks in Australia.


Most floating docks are fairly basic. Some are delivered fully assembled while others are designed for easy assembly and installation. Installing a basic floating dock does not require the use of speciality equipment or complicated building permits (but always verify this in your area). These benefits also make floating docks, on average, more affordable than fixed docks. However, should you desire a custom build, this option is also available.

Low maintenance

Floating docks tend to be made of low-maintenance materials such as polyethylene. That means that you won’t have to worry about sanding or painting your dock; instead, you’ll be able to start using it immediately. These docks are also very easy to clean – all you need is soap and water.

Natural adjustability

Floating docks literally float on top of the water, which means that they are always at the same height as the watercraft. This makes embarking and disembarking easy every time. You’ll always be able to use your dock when you want to no matter how high or low the water level gets.

Easy removal

With a floating dock in Australia, you won’t have to worry about severe weather damage. Floating docks are easy to remove if you need to store them temporarily in a safe place before a major storm.

Often modular

Many floating docks are modular, which means that they can be sold in sections and then assembled with connectors. This allows you to configure and reconfigure your dock at will to best suit your particular needs at any given time. Marinas often take advantage of this features, reconfiguring slips to accommodate boats of various sizes.

Where to find custom floats in Australia

Are you looking for custom floats in Australia? Marinescapes can help. Sometimes, even seemingly simple dock installations can give the best DIY guys a run for their money. If this sounds like you, Marinescapes is standing by to assist. Alternatively, if you would like a custom dock that’s a little more than “just the basics,” we can handle that, too. We’ll be happy to create a custom floating dock designed to suit your needs.

Formerly Custom Floats, Marinescapes offers high-quality products and has thousands of satisfied customers. Our docks are 100% marine safe and HDPE tough. They are low-maintenance, easy to operate, and long-lasting; they also have a substantial resale value. You’ll also save time by not having to drive your boat to the boat ramp – which means more time in the water for you! To learn more about our boat dock solutions or the advantages of a floating pontoon in Australia, contact Marinescapes today.

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