Enjoy the Ocean More with a Dry Jet Ski Dock and Boat Lift–Quality Products for Sydney

Having a boat is a valuable asset for those who love the sea and have the chance to visit it whenever they choose. Unfortunately, with everything, there’s maintenance to keep in mind. One area of concern is protecting your boat from water damage inside and out. Just because your boat is made for the ocean and waves, doesn’t mean its immune to its harsh side effects.

For products that will ensure you have many years to enjoy your boat, consider Marinescapes. We offer a range of quality products such as a dry dock in Sydney. Initially starting as Custom Floats in 2004, we’re now trading as Marinescapes and have been since 2017. We support the marine industry, serving as a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of lifting solutions.

It doesn’t matter what type of boat or jet ski you have, our boat lift in Sydney is the answer to finding a resilient, eco-friendly solution that extends the life of your marine craft. Our docks are easy to operate out of the water and help protect waterways by eliminating the need for constant, pricey and toxic anti-fouling. For one who loves the sea, you’ll appreciate this.

Our Sydney Dry Dock Will Leave You with Peace of Mind and More Money in Your Pocket

The type of damage water can cause to your boat might be apparent. Not only can a wet boat be uncomfortable and distracting in enjoying the ocean surrounding you, but it can eventually lead to mould and deterioration, even to the point where anti-fouling is necessary.

This will cost you a lot and diminish your investment. Something as simple as getting a Sydney dry dock can make a tremendous difference. The most significant benefit to our docks is that you’ll never have to anti-foul again. Our docks will ensure your boat is shielded from water and is gently raised or lowered without harsh impact.

Other benefits are that our floats are easy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about overcoming a considerable learning curve, they guide your boat easily, they don’t wear, including being resistant to UV rays, and they’re unaffected by algae and crustacean growth.

Our docks not only support boats from under 25’ to over 35’ but they can be customised to support your boat perfectly.

Our Docks Also Support Jet Skis, and They’ll Ensure That You Save Money and Effort in the Long Run

Our docks also support jet skis. Get a jet ski dock in Sydney that will save you thousands of dollars in anti-fouling costs and damages to the motor and other moving parts. You’ll essentially get your money back from not having to dish out lots of it due to this preventable damage.

Your jet ski will remain dry every time with our docks that are just as easy to set up as the ones for the boat. These docks are lightweight and eliminate algae and other marine growth on the hull. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a jet ski to enjoy for many years without the pain of heavy maintenance and loss of cash.

Contact us today to start enjoying your boat or jet ski to the fullest without the fear of water damage.

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